Heroes of New Millennium

Few years ago there were a group of volunteers who were willing and much interested to help the students in my area( near Madurai) by sharing their learning to crack the Army & IAS exams. They did this as a hobby and they were equally proud and passionate about what they did. Numerous sessions were planned and executed well in the local community which attracted the youngsters in and around the zone. Few stayed, slept and lived in the coaching center to accomplishing their dreams and few often traveled several kilometers to take part in those sessions.

I used to look upon those volunteers as my source of inspiration and participated in their events. But the group soon dissolved due to various reason like aging of the forerunners and their financial affordability to run the show. They carried huge baggage of precious experience and knowledge and that faded with them. If there had been a way to preserve and pass on the information to the next generation they would have been be the heroes of new millennium.

The most agonizing part in the whole story is, we see the same pattern of knowledge erosion throughout India. We had the best scholars of the world and the ancient centers for learning like Takshashila & Nalanda, still we look upon other places for knowledge acquaintance. This has to be changed and can be done by simple act of sharing your knowledge.

Having said that, our first step is to shed our basic inhibition and shyness to put our thought forward and share what we know. Every step you take to push/share your thought will add value and correct your course if you are not on the right path. I welcome you, the new hero to share and make our India a better and proud destination for knowledge.

I welcome you Share and learn http://www.guvi.in

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