What is your weak area?

Since this topic got you interested, I assume that you have some weakness you want to correct.  Wondering where to start? This post might help you !!

Disclaimer: This post is primarily intended for college students who are going to take campus interviews or attend off campus interviews, although some or most of the points apply to others also.

  • Identify your weak area     iden

First step is to know what’s bothering you or what your weak area is.  It can be anything like technical skills, communication, aptitude, confidence, etc.

  • Accept it    accept

Once you identify your weak area, next step is to accept it.  You would have definitely identified one or few weak areas even prior to all this.  If that was the case, in all probability, it would be playing in your mind.  If you know your communication is not good, that thing will be playing in your mind and will block you from improving.  So the point is to accept your current situation / weakness so that you can work on it and improve it.

  • Get help   help

We all need help, don’t we.  Let’s say you are planning to learn car driving, you get professional help from a driver or a friend who is very good at driving.  Similarly get help for the weak area that you have.  It might include few sessions with your friend or even it can be a professional training course if you want.

  • Have an end goalBinocular

Once you get the help you need, next step is to have an end goal.  Having a goal is important as it will provide you with a sense of purpose and you will know how far you will be to your goal.

  • Have a plan to improve itplan

Once you have a goal, devise a plan to achieve the goal.  Break the goal into several short term goals and have short term and long term plans.  An example of short term plan would be to learn couple of sort algorithms & implement the best possible code for those within a week.  It is upto you to put a plan that works for you, because everyone is unique.

  • Take baby steps   baby steps

Once you have a plan, take baby steps to execute it.  Planning is one thing and executing it is another.  But taking small steps will ensure that you don’t get worried about the long term goal and focus on the short term goal.

  • Focus    focus

Focus on the goal so that you don’t lose sight of it.  It is very easy to start with a plan, all seems like its going very good, but all of a sudden you lose focus and end up in a big diversion.  To avoid that, focus on your goals.

  • Track your plan

Track your regularly, let’s say once in 3 days or once a week, whichever you find suitable.  Just see if you are going according to the plan.  If you are not on track, you need to be aggressive on your actions.  This will help you put your focus back on track.

  • Cherish your progress

Once you see progress, cherish it and look forward for the next milestone.  Cherishing your small success will keep you motivated for more.  It is just like setting yourself 10 run targets till you reach 100 runs.  If you reach 10 runs, pat yourself on your back and focus on the next 10.

Now ask yourself what’s your weak area?

Hope this post will help a few people out here.  Thanks for reading.  Do you have any other thoughts on how to improve on a weak area?  Please feel free to share your thoughts.  If you like this post and feel this might help someone, please share it with your friends.  This is Rajaraman from Team GUVI signing off.

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