Tired of intstalling applications on your host computer?? TRY Portable apps !! :)

Tired of installing applications on your host computer?? want to carry your favourite software wherever you go? Try PORTABLE APPS that makes your work at more ease ! 🙂 you will find it more advantageous ! 🙂


>> NO INSTALLATION : The program is delivered in a zip archive that you only need to extract into a folder of your choice (the “program folder” below) to “install” the program.

>> This program folder contains everything needed to run the application. No files need to be installed on the host computer first. The exception to this are common runtime files, such as .Net, Java and Visual Basic runtimes, that are usually already installed and in a sense can be seen as part of the runtime environment that everyone already have.

>> A portable software can easily be moved between different computers by just copying the program folder, since no installation is required and all settings are contained within this folder. Basically you can keep all your software (and data) on a USB stick and this is all you need to bring along you complete computing environment! This is the origin of the name “portable” itself.

>> Buying a new computer is often a bittersweet experience. The joy of the new computer is soiled by the large amount of configuration required to get everything up and running again. Portable software makes this faster since you at least do not have to worry about your applications; just copy your software folder and perhaps create a few shortcuts and you are ready to go!

Watch the video to know more about it !:)

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