Whats your personal computer weight? Is it in Ton or Kgs?


  •  You might be surprised to know that the first computer came in the year ‘1945’. The early computer history tells us that the first electronic digital computer called “ENIAC” (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) was introduced in 1945 in Philadelphia and it consumed so much electricity that lights in the nearby town dimmed every time it was switched on! Funny but True fact! 🙂
  • Can you imagine how huge it was? It weighed 30 tons and it required 1500 square feet of floor space! Initially the computers were so huge that they used to occupy a big room.
  • And the inputs and outputs were fed in the form of switches and lights for ON/OFF which we now call it as binary bits!:)
  • The size was reduced gradually, but the working and storing capacities were significantly improved.
  •  The development of the microprocessor lead to the evolution of personal computers.

These days, you can find numerous types of personal or desktop computers, for example, portable PCs, laptops, palmtops, etc. 🙂 🙂

Please go through the video to know the overall history of your own desk pc! 🙂 -http://www.guvi.in/pls/Tamil/HISTORY.html

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