Double Dhamaka using 3.5mm Stereo Splitter

Usually in many situations, we would have tried to listen to our favorite song with our friends or loved one’s using single Head phone, which will not give full comfort in listening to that song easily. Is there is a Solution for this?


Yeah, here is a solution :-). We do have 3.5mm stereo splitter which looks something like this,

splitter basic
3.5 mm Stereo Splitter

3.5 stereo splitter will connect two pairs of head phones to one output(Device like mobile, Laptop etc.,). Thus we can use two earphones connected to one output at the same time and listens to the songs with our buddies  🙂

How it can be used?

We should insert the male pin to your device’s 3.5mm jack and your headphone to the two pin holes of splitter.

Stereo Splitter Connected to Device
Ear Phones Connected to Splitter

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