The Amazing Startup Internship experience of 8 students

Welcome to GUVI blogs.  This is Rajaraman from Team GUVI.

Hope you all know what an internship means.  If you know, great.  If you don’t know, please read here.

During the winter holidays, we had a bunch of 8 students (Final & 3rd year) to attend the GUVI internship program..

GUVI internship programs are different from the rest of the internships.  GUVI not only offers the students to work on real project experience, but also teaches you about the basic stuffs that are required in order to get a good conceptual and practical understanding.

It was a 10-day agenda with 5 day learning sessions and 5 day project activities.  At the end, the students came out with a better understanding of Web Development and a professional work environment.

Here are some feedback from the students:




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