Top 10 Reasons Why you should never buy your College Final Year Project?

Dear Students, How many of you are genuinely doing a project or planning to do one?  Are you looking to buy your project?  If you are planning to go the easy route by buying the project, please stop.  Because we provide 20 reasons why you should not buy your project, but instead struggle with them and complete it successfully.  So here we go with the reasons

You will lose out on strengthening your core skills (Most Important)

Whether you do your project in C, C++, JAVA or Python or Ruby, if you do your project yourself, your skills in that language will definitely improve a lot.  You might ask, how much am I going to learn in 1 year time frame.  But look at it this way, what you currently know about programming languages is just 1%.  But if you do your project, your knowledge would be 5-10%.  And it is the most difficult phase in learning.  You strengthen your basics.

You will lose out on your first real learning

Trust me, your project is going to be your first real learning.  And it will be stepping stone for your future career and projects.  If you choose to buy, you will miss out on this crucial thing called as learning about real software projects.

You will miss out on the self learning skills

There is a difference between learning and self learning.  For every problem you face in your project, you have to search for the solutions.  You have to read the concepts from scratch.  You have to take reference materials, etc.

You will lose out on planning skills

If you do a project, you have to plan.  And if you want to do it successfully you have to plan it well.  If you don’t do a project, you will lose this crucial skill

You will lose out on leadership skills

Maybe there is an opportunity to lead the team in the project.  That opportunity gets screwed when you choose to buy your project.

You will lose out on Team working skills

When I did my final year project, we discussed lot of stuff and finally we split the task among each other.  And we had to split in such a way that strong members of the team provide support to the not so strong members of the team.  When time comes, they return the favor.  All these aspects will be missed out if you choose to buy.

You will lose out on the Requirements Gathering and Analysis Skills

This is one critical skill that would be useful throughout your software development career.  At any stage of your career, Your project starts with your requirements.

You will lose out on the adjustment and Flexibility skills

Sometimes, you may not be happy with your team members and sometimes, your team members may not be happy about you.  But when it comes to the project, everyone adjust so that the end result is not affected.  This crucial skill goes a long way in professional career.

You will lose out on negotiation skills

Yeah, sometimes you need to negotiate.  Maybe it is with the scope of the project with your Project Guide, Maybe it is with the modules that each person is going to develop, etc.  But you need those skills in a professional environment.  If you don’t learn it with your project team members, you would never learn in a professional setup.

You will be unemployable

If you do a project, which means that you know how a project really works, etc.  It may be different from a professional setup, but it is always better to have learnt cycling before trying to ride a bike.  Isn’t it?

You will fall behind in your career

Company is expecting that you are Stage 5.  But you are at Stage 0 still, if you buy your project.  Which means by the time you join office, you are already lagging behind others who have done their projects.

You will miss out on critical documentation skills

Everyone at college level hates documentation.  Even Professionals hate it.  But documentation is one skill which if done well, makes a difference in the way other people see your work.

You will fail to understand the importance of hard work

Everyone hates taking printouts for project reports.  But you still have to do it.  Similarly in professional life, sometimes, we have to do certain things we hate.  But it is for the overall good of the project.

You will lose out on creating a finished software

Creating a finished software is a skill that can only be experienced.  The joy of finishing something is just great.  Just try it, it would feel great.

You will lose out on improving your professional communication skills

You would need to prepare reports, presentations, attend vivas, talk to your guides.  All these would help you improve your professional communication skills.

You will lose out on searching Google & StackOverflow for results and research

No matter how much of an expert you are, in today’s complex software environment, you have to search in google or stackoverflow if you are stuck with something.  Interesting thing is, Google or Stackoverflow doesn’t magically gives the answers for all your complex questions.  You need to ask the right questions, combine answers from multiple questions, etc. to form your final answer.  If you choose to buy, you will miss out on all these skills which are crucial in today’s software development world.

You will lose out on working on deadlines

Wow… Deadlines.  We hate them.  Isn’t it?  But deadlines drive us actually.  We won’t finish that assignment if we don’t have a deadline.  Similarly we won’t complete the project if we don’t have deadlines.  The thing is, you need to carefully plan your project and have frequent deadlines for small subtasks so that overall project runs smooth.

You will not know your strengths and weaknesses

Finally, over a period of an year, you would begin to understand your strengths and weaknesses.  For example, when I did my project, I understood that I was decent in coding, good in problem solving and research, good in leadership, bad in setting deadlines, bad in presenting my ideas, etc.  Similarly, you can also identify your strengths and weaknesses If you do your project 🙂

So friends, what did you decide?  Would you buy your project or do it yourself?  Please post it in the comments section.

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